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American manufacturing group Sunbrella is a leader in performance fabrics for indoor and outdoor furniture. Sunbrella fabrics are 100% solution-dyed acrylic, available in thousands of sophisticated styles, patterns and colors. The characteristics of all Sunbrella fabrics include UV protection, water repellence, fade resistance, mold & mildew resistance and stain resistance.


Sunbrella products are rooted in sustainability throughout the manufacturing of the fiber, yarn, and fabric. Our dedication to quality ensures that you are getting a product that lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often, ultimately creating less waste. In all the markets we serve, Sunbrella products hold their color and strength, outlasting traditional fabrics.

Transform fabric waste into sustainable new fabric with the Sunbrella Renaissance program.

The manufacture of fabric through its final use often produces leftover fiber, yarn and fabric, from Sunbrella manufacturing facilities as well as from the cutting tables of our various customers. Sunbrella took on the challenge of finding this waste a new purpose – and the Renaissance yarn program was born.


All Sunbrella® fabrics are engineered to combine the highest level of design and performance. For easy day-to-day maintenance of your Sunbrella fabric:

  1. Brush off loose dirt.
  2. Spray on a cleaning solution of water and mild soap.
  3. Use a soft bristle brush to clean.
  4. Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.
  5. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed.
  6. Air dry.

We stand behind all our fabrics with a comprehensive warranty, so you can enjoy your Sunbrella fabrics with peace of mind.

Sunbrella Upholstery Fabrics Warranty
Sunbrella Shade and Marine Fabrics

* Other than those Sunbrella Shade and Marine products specifically listed under the 5-year warranty.

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Renaissance Yarn

Renaissance yarns combine up to 50% of this postindustrial recycled Sunbrella fiber. The waste is segmented into color groups, reduced back to its fiber state and then mixed with Sunbrella virgin fiber before making its way back through the fabric manufacturing process. The fiber blend helps ensure that the product meets stringent Sunbrella performance standards.

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Unique Character

Sunbrella Renaissance yarns create the occasional, natural variation of shade or specks of color thanks to their unique composition, adding to the visual interest of the fabric. The result is a textile with vintage charm, rich coloration, soft feel, and excellent performance.

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GREENGUARD Gold Certification

Sunbrella upholstery fabric has achieved GREENGUARD Gold Certification for contributing to healthy indoor air quality.

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Facts Silver Certified

More than 100 patterns in the Sunbrella Contract upholstery fabric line, including those fabrics with Defiance treatment, have been independently certified to meet the NSF/ANSI 336 standard, Silver level by UL-Environment, a multi-attribute sustainability standard for Contract fabrics.

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Sun Protection

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends certain Sunbrella fabrics in shading products as part of a complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen, to aid in preventing sun-induced skin damage.

ISO 14001

Sunbrella facilities have been third-party verified to meet ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, an international standard for organizations to reduce their environmental impact.

WAIT Program

We understand the importance of conserving the natural environment. Our Anderson, SC facility participates in the statewide WAIT (Wildlife and Industry Together) program, conserving the plant and animal life surrounding the facility. Additionally, through tree planting, habitat restoration, Adopt-A-Highway cleanups, and planting gardens, all Sunbrella associates become involved in conserving wildlife at our facilities.